Alperen "Alp" Yasar

Table of Contents

About me

I am a Ph.D. student in Economics/Applied Mathematics. I try to model human behavior, especially the ones that could be considered "irrational" by classical economists. Some examples are:

  • Why some people are racist?
  • Why are there crazy conspiracy groups?
  • How can people believe that the Earth is flat?

I am using mostly computational methods to study these 'interesting' behaviors.


Free and open source software is growing in all fields, and Academia should be no exempt. Today, many softwares commonly used in science are proprierity. Heck, even scientific papers are behind proprierity licenses. This might have been necessary to a degree in the past, due to publishing costs etc. Today? I say it is completely bullshit (though I'm sure it's not an unpopular opinion anymore).

Here, I will try to publish all of my codes that I used during my doctoral studies. If you see any error in the code, I would be happy if you could notify me about it.

I expect to create a good documentary for my code, which I had no access during my period of learning. I will use Python and Julia, mostly. Though I can sometimes switch to R.

Jack of all trades

I can sometimes write stuff about archery, Go, Machine Learning, ethics, Noam Chomsky, anarcho-syndicalism. I can also go crazy angry over big corporations and why shouldn't you use Google, Apple or Microsoft. You might also see some music suggestions from classical to metal music.


I have created this website using free and open-sourced mdBook. I am pretty sure that any bugs you'll encounter here will be because of my bad implementation. Moreover, I have used Yethiel's guide to implement it in my GitLab Page.